How do I schedule a transport?

You can contact Procare's 24 Hour Communications Center, (410) 823-0030 to schedule a transport.

Can I book Procare Integrated Health and Transport for a special event?
Certainly! Please submit an email with your contact information and details about your event to:

Do you provide training?
Yes, Procare Integrated Health and Transport provides various training opportunities and has access to a state-of-the-art simulation lab for dynamic, hands-on training. For more information, click here

Can you perform out-of-state transfers?
Procare Integrated Health and Transport is licensed to provide services in both the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Procare can also provide transportation from a location within the State of Maryland or the District of Columbia to other states. 

Do you bill insurance companies directly?
Yes, Procare bills directly to insurance carriers for all services rendered.

How do I become an EMT?
For an exciting career as an EMT view our Local Links page for information.

What is the difference between using an ambulance versus using a ride sharing program?
We encourage you to view this video by the American Ambulance Association showcasing the differences: