Procare's Mission Statement:
Our focus is on being the future of healthcare by providing our clients with safe, reliable, and on-time medical transportation while collaborating with our clients to develop integrated healthcare programs that meet Triple Aim goals, support positive patient outcomes, and contribute to population health.

Procare's Vision:
To be a thought leader in medical transportation, finding healthcare solutions for the greater good in the communities we serve.

Procare's Values: Safety, Quality, Compliance, and Teamwork

Our Company is committed to:
  • Our Patients
  • Our Employees
  • Our Community
Procare Integrated Health and Transport pledges:
  • To provide the highest quality patient care.
  • To be an integrated component of the local healthcare system.
  • To provide quality, long-term employment opportunities.
  • To set best practices in medical transportation.
  • To be true to our values if Safety, Quality, Compliance, and Teamwork.
Learn more about Procare's values and accomplishments by reading our Capabilities Statement.