"I look at the Procare crews like they are my best friends." - Shirley, patient

"During my husband’s extended time with Procare, he has had the privilege of being cared for by professional, and compassionate staff. Procare Integrated Health and Transport should be very proud to have the staff such a
s these employees. Based on our experience, we would greatly recommend Procare Ambulance to family and friends." - Patient's family member

"Procare has knocked our socks off with their on time performance and professionalism."  
- Director of Patient Care Access for a Facility Client

"We have been contracted with Procare since December, 2008 and are very pleased with all aspects of Procare’s services. While we were reluctant at first to enter into a contract with a new provider since we had had the same provider for many years, we were looking to raise the bar for quality and the Procare Team guaranteed the quality we were looking for. I can’t tell you how happy we are that we made the decision to contract with Procare and our expectations have been exceeded."

- Sherri, Clinical Director, Care Management for a Facility Client 
"Thank you for the wonderful service your team is providing. They are such a breath of fresh air! The difference in the attitude, beginning with the scheduling person through the ambulance crew pickup is so noticeable. Your crews interact with kindness and compassion, and I have received positive comments along the way from patients and family members. We think of all of you as an integral part of our team."
- Debbie, Care Management, Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)

"I was rounding on Unit 48 today and asked the staff who I should thank for making their work easier. I was surprised when a social worker said, “Procare Ambulance, they are so easy to work with!”. Thank you for being great partners in patient care."

- John Chessare, M.D., President and CEO,
Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)

"Your team was terrific today. Fortunately, we did not need them but their physical presence with our runners and parents was much appreciated. They were on time, courteous, professional, attentive and just plain perfect!! I can’t thank you enough for your personal attention and follow through."

- Susan Thompson, Executive Director, IAAM

"I'm one of the discharge coordinators in the ER. I call you guys non-stop to transport our  patients. I wanted to let you know that when the phone line was out I spoke with one of your employees who figured it out and gave me an alternate contact number within minutes. We had some anxious to leave patients and your staff took care of it flawlessly. This is why we rely on you guys. I feel like everyone there is always willing to work with us and problem solve. I just wanted to let you know what a great job the whole crew does for us and we really appreciate it."
- Discharge Coordinator, ER

I was working with a lovely older couple - the wife was being discharged to rehab and the spouse was going to meet here there. They are both a very hard of hearing and a little slow moving. The Procare team was so patient and understanding. Their compassionate service deserves some recognition. - Katy, GMBC