Safety, Quality, Compliance, and Teamwork!

Procare's Vision

To be the leader in medical transportation, finding healthcare solutions for the greater good in the communities we serve.

Procare pledges:

  • To provide the highest quality patient care.
  • To be an integrated component of the local healthcare system.
  • To provide quality, long-term employment opportunities.
  • To set best practices in medical transportation.
  • To be true to our values of Safety, Quality, Compliance, and Teamwork.
  • To provide excellent customer service and timely responses to our contracted facility.
Procare Ambulance

Procare's Mission Statement:

Our focus is on being the future of healthcare by providing our patients with safe, reliable, and on-time medical transportation while collaborating with our clients to develop integrated healthcare programs that meet Triple Aim goals, support positive patient outcomes, and contribute to population health.

Procare Culture Statement:

The culture we create touches everything we do here at Procare, and it becomes who we are as a team and as individuals. We recognize that this is a journey, sometimes not easy, but by holding ourselves accountable, encouraging positive outlooks and interactions, and embracing our humanity, empathy, honesty, and compassion in our approach to every mission, we can together be the change we all wish to see in this world. We will choose to enhance the lives of those we work with, by greeting each other and interacting with kindness, by including each other in conversations, by respecting each other, by providing honest feedback to each other, by sharing needed information with each other, by encouraging each other, by building each other up in positive conversations about the workplace, and by valuing each other and expressing gratitude. There is no doubt that we have skilled and talented team members, both clinical and non-clinical, but we must challenge ourselves to harmonize the infrastructure of “people, vehicles and equipment” with the recognition that we are all unique and beautiful human beings working together for a common goal, the greater good.  By leading and serving with our whole hearts and by seeking the meaningful in the everyday tasks, we are truly making a difference and changing lives. We ask that you join us in creating a culture we can all be proud of. We are all in, we are all heart, we are one, we are Procare.

Our Company is committed to:

Our Clients
Our Patients
Our Employees
Our Community

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